Westin Bubbalicious Brunch - Restaurant Branding


The Purpose

Defined as the city's brunch institution, Bubbalicious was in need of a 'refresh' with an existing creative approach that had endured for over three years. 'Don't fix what isn't broken', we cried, however, after a full immersion (with Team Insignia), it was clear the brunch had evolved and needed to resonate further with the wannabe gourmands across the city.

The Journey

With tweaks to the entertainment and food offerings, the WESTIN BUBBALICIOUS BRUNCH was offering new 'elevated experiences' with a broader appeal to couples, families and the city's 'gimme more for less' millennial crowd. Insignia captured the spirit of this with the development of fantasy realism visuals that celebrated the target audience at the centre of the bubbles, including the chefs.

The Destination

This new positioning, 'take your Friday to bubbalicious new heights', resonated with both existing and prospective customers, making a significant impact on the hotel as it enjoying increased footfalls at the brunch.

Westin Bubbalicious Brunch - Restaurant Branding
Westin Bubbalicious Brunch - Restaurant Branding

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