Our Inspiration

The limitless power of human ingenuity. Our imagination. Our resilience. Our relentless energy. Connecting Cultures. Engaging Communities. Encouraging Commerce.

Because human needs, desires, hopes and dreams are the heartbeat of all we design.

From conceiving the future of experiences within urban environments, hospitality, tourism and cultural destinations, to the ideologies and identities of places, spaces and experiences that create distinct and enduring connections.

Insignia mines deep insights into what matters most to individuals, communities, corporations and even governments.

We decode cultures, shape trends, and predict the headwinds of change. So that every place and experience we create serves to enlarge and enlighten the human spirit.

To leave our mark on tomorrow and make the whole world worthy of travel.

We believe hospitality is the frontline of cultural diplomacy for a nation, and travel is the ultimate expression of self-advancement for an individual.

We are curators of culture and catalysts of change, endeavouring to design a better world; one pixel, one plot, one policy at a time.

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Our Services

A category-defining design, development and experience advisory firm.

Unlocking value through the convergence of visionary thinking, strategic rigour and design excellence.

Seamless solutions for experience design and destination development through all stages of a project.


Trend Forecasting
Market Intelligence
Industry Insights
Cultural Research
Socio-Economic Study
Sentiment Mapping
Customised Research


Brand Strategy
Destination Design
Tourism & Hospitality
Experience Design
Commercial Strategy
Growth & Transformation
Sales & Marketing
Revenue Optimisation
Stakeholder Engagement
Destination Activation


Brand Identity
Urban Design
Architectural Concept Design
Experiential Design
Visual Design
Art & Installations
Digital Experiences
Cultural Innovation
Film & Video Production
Activation Design


Vision & Strategy Development
Demand Assessment
Economic Viability
Concept Planning
Development Approach
Design Development
Construction Planning
Project Oversight


At Insignia, imagining the incredible starts by asking the impossible.

This is where we begin.

Because we believe the quality of a question transcends its answer, inspiring us to decode aspirations to design distinct places, spaces and experiences.

Whether it’s reimagining a national coastal highway into a journey through time, transforming an island into a whole new season on the global yachting calendar or rejuvenating a forgotten industrial zone into a venue for global dialogue about Arabian art.

We craft new realities at the intersections of strategy and storytelling, by challenging what is humanly possible and creating what is Impossibly Human.TM

This is the space between possibility and imagination, cradling human ingenuity, crafting new paradigms, conceiving the future of aspirational places and experiences.

It generates solutions that are intrinsically human, that connect cultures, engage communities and encourage commerce.



Our Clients

Destination development & nation-building initiatives

Insignia’s design-led strategy services have positioned the company at the heart of some of the key nation-building 
initiatives and development projects in the region.


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